Brief History and Purpose of Our Organization

Lee’s Speech

At the end of the EGAD 25th birthday party, Lee gave a short talk about how EGAD got started. Even though it was the end of the party, nobody wanted to leave…

The Evaluation Group for the Analysis of Data (EGAD) was formed in 1987 for the purpose of furthering research, education, and training in the general areas of program evaluation, research methodology and data analysis. Public Interest Research Services (PIRS) was incorporated within the State of Arizonain 1995 as the financial arm of EGAD. PIRS handles contracts with funding agencies that have hired EGAD for their projects.

EGAD members function as scientists, consultants, advisors and mentors both within and outside the University of Arizona Community. Our mission is to assist researchers, providers of social services, policy makers and others involved in endeavors related to social programs to plan and develop programs, monitor these programs, and assess their outcomes, cost and impact in rigorous, innovative and methodologically sound ways. To this end, we have worked with students, faculty, businesses, local and federal agencies, local, state and federal organizations, tribes, and nations.

EGAD was started by three faculty members and four graduate students from the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona. Current membership includes faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines including but not limited to Public Administration, Management and Policy, Political Science, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Education, Communications, Nursing, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Alternative Medicine. Most members are oriented toward careers in the social and behavioral sciences, program evaluation and/or public policy. The majority of EGAD members regularly attend and present at national and international scientific conferences, and author articles for scientific journals, invited papers, textbooks and textbook chapters.

EGAD has its own work spaces equipped with computers, printers, copy machines, fax machines, and so on. Thus EGAD is equipped to manage all of the phases of social science research and program evaluation, including the design, implementation, data collection and analysis, report writing and presentation of results. Due to our location within the Psychology Department at the University of Arizona, EGAD employs undergraduate and graduate students to assist with projects in a wide range of activities including data collection, data entry, data analysis, program coordination, report writing, presentation of results, etc. University faculty serve as principal investigators, mentors, consultants and advisors in EGAD.

If it’s important to you, it’s significant to us