Lee Sechrest

Lee B. Sechrest, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona, succumbed to cancer at age 86 on 10/10/2015. He was raised in small town Kansas, but travelled the world. He served in the US Marine Corps, and had a 59-year professorial career at Penn State, Northwestern, Florida State, the University of Michigan and, since 1984, the University of Arizona.

He was a tireless and dedicated teacher, researcher, and a former chair of the U of A Psychology department. He mentored generations of students and worked with colleagues around the globe. He inspired countless students in their own careers, helping them understand and appreciate the power of research. Through his work, so often in collaboration with his students, he influenced diverse fields of study including psychology, psychotherapy, education, nursing and medical research.

He is preceded in death by his first and second wives, Ruth and Carol, and is survived by his wife Mei-Kuang. He loved his children, Sara, Stuart, and Steven, and his step-children John and Jennifer, taking joy in their families, especially in his fourteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Thank you for joining us in remembering Lee.  We invite you to read the wonderful Professional Obituary written by Lee’s great friend Ron Gallimore.  There is also a page where we have shared many annotated pictures from Lee’s life.  We hope you enjoy the “Odyssey” which tells Lee’s story from his earliest years in his own words.  Lastly, we invite you to leave your own remembrance or thoughts about Lee on the blog below. These will be collected and archived on the “Memories” page for everyone to enjoy.


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